Awards For All

Awards for All England is a simple small grants scheme making awards to groups of between £300 and £10,000.

The Awards for All programme aims to help improve local communities and the lives of people most in need. To do this, Awards For All seeks to fund projects that meet one or more of the following outcomes:

  • People have better chances in life - with better access to training and development to improve their life skills.
  • Stronger communities - with more active citizens working together to tackle their problems.
  • Improved rural and urban environments - which communities are better able to access and enjoy.
  • Healthier and more active people and communities.

The application form is short and simple. Applicants will find out if they are successful within six weeks.

The BIG Lottery Fund have become much stricter on checking Awards for All applicants and we have experienced some Bolton Groups having conditional grant offers being withdrawn after governance checks. We would advise you to pay careful attention to the following points before applying.


  • Is the name on your organisation bank account (see your chequebook) exactly the same as the organisation’s name on it’s constitution?
  • Is the address on your bank statements exactly the same as the address you have provided in question 1 of the Awards for All application? If you are a charity or company it must also be the same as the address as your registered office with the charity commission or companies house.
  • Is your constitution signed and does it contain a charitable type dissolution clause?
  • If you are working with children or vulnerable adults, have you got an appropriate and up to date safeguarding policy and do you ensure all staff/volunteers have completed a criminal record check?

Full details of what is expected from groups receiving Award for All grants can be found in this Governance Guide.

Can I apply?
You may be eligible to apply for an Awards for All grant if you can meet one of the criteria mentioned above, and:

  • you are a not-for-profit group (including social enterprises), or you are a parish or town council, school or health body.
  • you have a bank account that requires at least two unrelated people to sign each cheque or withdrawal.
  • you have a governing body with at least three unrelated members
  • you can spend the grant within one year.

What to do next

  • Look at the 'apply page' on Awards For All's site by clicking here and download the guidance notes and application form.
  • Please be aware that Awards for All makes very strict governance checks before giving a grant. Click here to see what things you should check  before applying to avoid delays and disappointment.
  • If you have further questions about Awards For All you can learn more here 
  • If you are not eligible for an Awards for All grant you can look at the other small grants available from the other distributors here

For help and advice, call Awards For All on 08454 10 20 30. Alternatively, you can email them here:
You can call the Lottery Funding Helpline on 0845 275 00 00 or go to for details of all the lottery funding available.

 If you are thinking of making an application to Awards for All, call our Funding and Development Team who are able to discuss your ideas and offer you pre-application advice. Telephone: 01204 546028, 01204 546025, 01204 546026